Our shopping bag of services

Here at Lewis & Co, we count a number of retailers among our clients, including the Southborough Computer Centre and Chests & Drawers, on our doorstep here in Kent.

Across the South East, we also support retailers including a bridal shop and a couple of hardware stores. We know that many of them have had a challenging time over the past 18 months and we’ve been on hand with advice about everything from business planning to tax.

Many retailers, particularly our hardware store clients, can clock up many transactions a day and, even now, some of those purchases will be in cash. For them then, the bookkeeping they are expected to do is more complex then for many other businesses.

Cashflow, reconciliation and stock control are also issues which affect retailers more than other businesses. We are there to support them and make sure that what happens on the shop floor is translated into figures we can use effectively when it comes to submitting their accounts.

Today, many of our retail clients also sell online and we can support them with the ecommerce side of their business. In addition, we offer retailers payroll services, as well as VAT planning and advice.

If you’ve got any questions at all, then please do contact us on 01892 513515 or info@lewisandco.biz